Synthetic stoppers

Synthetic Stopper

The synthetic stopper is an option increasingly used in sectors that carry out packaging and bottling, thanks to its excellent properties and numerous advantages.

The stoppers that we produce at Excellent Cork are 100% recyclable and manufactured with the latest high food quality polymerisation technology. The synthetic materials have multiple benefits and are the best alternative to traditional cork.

Synthetic material stoppers

Our stoppers manufactured with synthetic materials allow great versatility in their design and production.

We can manufacture them in very varied shapes and textures, from the most realistic imitations of cork to designs in a variety of colours with graphic printing of branding. They have a great potential for creating customised stoppers for any type of bottle.

Additionally, the production process allows greater control of the quality and consistency of the final product, reducing the possibility of the contents of a bottle being ruined by contamination to practically zero. There is barely any risk of variations or defects associated with the nature of cork.

Our synthetic stoppers are a modern, sustainable, high density option for the best sealing of bottles of many types of products such as wine, cider, spirits, oils, vinegars, and Mikado type air fresheners, among others.

They allows the organoleptic properties of the products to be preserved, or the aromas in the case of home fragrance products, while offering the most hermetic seal and a more attractive presentation which can be customised to the client’s taste. Additionally, the main risks of contamination are eliminated by preventing the entry of external agents.

In the case of wines, synthetic stoppers prevent the risk of transfer of flavours associated with cork (TCA). They are a cost effective option for young wines which are consumed shortly after bottling, as they minimise defective units due to contamination and the price per unit is much lower than natural cork.

The stoppers produced with thermoplastic or high density polymers have been very popular in this sector for several years. They allow smooth opening without the release of particles inside and an appearance similar to that of cork.

For liqueurs and spirits, our synthetic stoppers offer the same advantages as for wine and other drinks, above all being notable for the perfect preservation of the flavours and properties of the product.

Liqueur brands often make special efforts in the design of the container, therefore our fully customisable stoppers are ideal for achieving innovative and eye-catching branding.

Among the most common synthetic materials in the production of synthetic stoppers is elastomer.

Flexibility and Elasticity: Elastomers are known for their capacity for being flexible and elastic, which allows stoppers to be easily adapted to different sizes and shapes of bottle necks. This facilitates the application and extraction of stoppers, guaranteeing adequate sealing.

Chemical Resistance: Elastomers are usually resistant to various chemical products, which ensures that synthetic stoppers maintain their integrity and sealing properties, even when in contact with various liquids and substances. This is especially important in applications such as stoppers for bottles of wine or chemical products.

Durability: Elastomers are durable materials and may endure repeated use cycles without deteriorating. This contributes to the longevity of synthetic stoppers and to their capacity for maintaining a hermetic seal over time.

Variety of Applications: Elastomers can be adapted to satisfy a variety of needs in different industries, such as the food, pharmaceutical and oenological industries. Their versatility makes elastomer synthetic stoppers suitable for a wide range of products.

Cost-Effectiveness: In comparison with some natural materials, synthetic elastomers are often more economical to produce, which can result in more affordable synthetic stoppers without compromising quality or performance.

Consistency in Production: Elastomers allow a more consistent production in terms of shape and properties, which guarantees that each synthetic stopper is uniform in its performance and sealing capacity.

Sustainability: Depending on the specific composition, some synthetic elastomers are designed to be more environmentally friendly in comparison with other materials. This may be an advantage in terms of sustainability and reduction of environmental impact.

Difference between the

silicone synthetic stopper

and the elastomer stopper

Silicone stoppers and elastomer stoppers mainly differ in material and specific properties.

Silicone, a synthetic polymer, is known for its elasticity, resistance to extreme temperatures and durability against various chemicals.

By contrast, elastomer, a category that encompasses several elastic polymers, may vary in elasticity and chemical resistance depending on the specific type.

Silicone stoppers are common in applications that require a hermetic seal, such as bottles of water, while elastomer stoppers can be adapted to various needs, depending on the type of elastomer used.

Elastomer is slightly more rigid, but provides greater mechanical resistance. It is better to use it to achieve a very strong seal.

Types of synthetic stoppers

Printing and colours for wine stoppers

tapones sinteticos

Stopper customisation for spirits


Stopper customisation for sparkling wines

We produce various types of synthetic stoppers and customisations

Our dedication to quality is reflected in the wide range of synthetic stoppers that we produce, encompassing various shapes, sizes and functions.

From stoppers designed to seal bottles of wine, liqueurs or even pharmaceutical bottles. We offer solutions adapted to the specific needs of each industry. In addition to our standard variety, we are distinguished by our capacity for personalisation, allowing our clients to choose colours, shapes and additional characteristics that are perfectly aligned with their brand and technical requirements.

Our commitment is to offer flexible and customised options that exceed expectations in all aspects of the packaging.

Samples of synthetic stoppers for bottles

At our stopper factory we use high precision procedures such as injection moulding, with which we can produce small series of high quality, unique synthetic stoppers for samples, but which also allow us to manufacture over 700,000 units each day.
At Excellent Cork we can provide simples of our synthetic stoppers for bottles. If you need to verify the excellent quality and possibilities offered by our products, check our select catalogue and contact us.

Excellent Cork synthetic stoppers

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