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Synthetic stoppers for wine

Excellent Cork is a company specialised in the sustainable and ecological manufacture of all types of stoppers for wine bottles, which allows us to offer the maximum quality while respecting the environment.

Stoppers for wine

Environmentally friendly

Traditionally, wine bottle stoppers have been called ā€œcorksā€ due to the material with which they are produced, but today there are many other materials for manufacturing them. At Excellent CorkĀ we use 100% recyclable synthetic materials.

Wine stoppersĀ are essential for maintaining the flavour and aromas of wine once bottled, as well as its texture and quality. Synthetic stoppers for wine are mainly intended for white, rosĆ© and young red wines, as they do not oxygenate the same way. This sealing element is crucial for bottling wine.

Without doubt, the wine stoppers manufactured by Excellent Cork offer a perfect seal that prevents wine from evolving,Ā preserving its flavours and aromas.

tapones para botellas de vino

Our models of

synthetic stoppers for wine bottles

Each year we manufacture millions ofĀ synthetic stoppers for wine bottlesĀ of all kinds. We have different models adapted for different varieties and types of bottles, but always with the hallmark of quality.

At Excellent Cork we have spent years working so that ourĀ wine stoppersĀ fulfil the needs and requirements of our clients. In this way, we are leaders in the sector and can manufacture millions of units each year for wine products from countries around the world.

The sealing of bottles is essential for guaranteeing that consumers can enjoy a quality product in good condition. Therefore, choosing wine stoppers is very important.

Different types of

stoppers for wine bottles

In the same way as wine bottles, not all wine stoppers are equal. Aware of the importance of the correct choice, at Excellent Cork we manufacture 5 different types of wine stopper. Depending on the type of wine you produce, you can choose one variety or another from our catalogue. If you need help, our team can advise you.

What are we asked about stoppers for wine bottles?

Silicone stoppers for wine bottles

Synthetic stoppers for wine are an increasingly widespread option due to their multiple advantages, as they (practically completely) prevent the entry of air into the bottle and protect the wine more than other organic materials such as cork. In any case, these are synthetic materials, not silicone stoppers, which are not used to seal wine bottles.

Original stoppers for wine bottles

If you are looking to make a difference in design and style, at Excellent Cork we have what you need. We are specialists in the manufacture ofĀ fully customised stoppers for wine bottles.

We have a wide range of colours with the characteristic of printing being possible in two colours and on both sides, with an impeccable result that will make your brand stand out and shine.

Hermetic stopper for wine bottles

A good stopper is vital for preserving wine in optimal conditions, both from bottling and once open. Our hermetic stoppers prevent the entry of oxygen and protect the liquids so that they maintain all their aroma and flavour.

Antioxidant synthetic wine stoppers

Innovation is one of our essential pillars, which has led us to have 3 patents for ourĀ C2C and DUO stoppersĀ and ourĀ centre hole for uncorking.

At Excellent Cork we manufactureĀ fully hermeticĀ synthetic wine stoppers toĀ control the passage of oxygen.

We work with the best materials and have implemented processes which are not only environmentally friendly, but which also allow us to obtain the highest level of quality.

We have a wide range of synthetic stoppers forĀ perfect control of wine oxygenation.

Stoppers for open wine bottles

Listening to the demands and needs of our clients has always been and will always be a priority. We therefore develop solutions for manufacturing the bestĀ stoppers for resealing bottles once opened, both at a professional and home level.

Among our 5 wine stopper products, we offer you the model forĀ resealing open bottlesĀ and preserving the remaining wine in the best conditions for longer.

Leading manufacturers of synthetic stoppers for wine in Spain

Our company was created with the idea of revolutionising the world of wine with our synthetic stopper. In a country where wine forms part of our culture, our priority was to offer a quality alternative, eliminating the dreaded ā€œcork tasteā€ or TCA.

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