Stoppers for Sparkling Wines

Stoppers for Sparkling Wines

When the aim is to preserve the quality and characteristics of cava and sparkling wines for longer, selecting the right stopper is essential. The stopper for sparkling wines performs a crucial role in their preservation.

Stoppers for cava and sparkling wine

Sparkling wines, such as champagne, Franciacorta, Corpinnat and Cava, are highly valued for their elegance, their effervescence and their fresh flavour. Keeping these qualities intact requires a stopper that guarantees a good seal that resists the internal pressure generated by the carbon dioxide bubbles present in sparkling wine.

Stoppers for

sparkling wines and cava

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Stoppers for cava and sparkling wines are an important part of preservation and improvement of the quality of the drink. For this reason, a highly technological process is applied in their manufacture, which allows the ideal stopper to be obtained. An alternative to the micro-agglomerated or agglomerated stopper are stoppers manufactured with synthetic materials.

The stopper for sparkling drinks is created from polymers, as they offer all the advantages of cork and other added benefits. This material is innocuous, characterised by its elasticity, and its best advantage is the absence of TCA.

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Choosing stoppers for bottles of sparkling wines

When choosing stoppers for bottles of sparkling wines, it is crucial to consider the quality of the material and the type of seal. Any material chosen is a good option, although each has its own advantages over the others.

As specialised suppliers of stoppers for sparkling wines, we are dedicated to offering the maximum quality to guarantee optimal preservation. We can also manufacture stoppers for sparkling wines with personalised colours.


The best stopper for sparkling wines will depend on the preferences and needs of each producer. Both natural cork stoppers and synthetic stoppers offer significant advantages. Traditional stoppers for sparkling wines allow adequate micro-oxygenation, while stoppers made of polymer based materials eliminate the risk of TCA.

The lifespan of a stopper for sparkling wines may vary depending on the material and the storage conditions. In general, natural stoppers have a lifespan of several years, while more modern stoppers for sparkling wines guarantee a longer lifespan.

There are different options for buying stoppers for sparkling wines. It is best to use suppliers specialised in supplying the wine industry, such as Excellent Cork, the main Spanish manufacturer of synthetic stoppers for wine and liqueurs. Our expert advice will be your best resource.

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