Synthetic Stems

The stem is the part of the stopper inserted into the bottle, and used to manufacture stoppers, widely used in sectors such as oenology, cosmetics and spirits. For example, they are used to manufacture bartop stoppers, characterised by their simplicity for opening the bottle and the possibility of conveniently sealing them again.

Our stoppers are a smart choice if you want to offer your client an elegant stopper that offers excellent performance. They are a product we manufacture at Excellent Cork with the most advanced and innovative materials.

Synthetic stem for stoppers 

Our synthetic stems for stoppers are manufactured with high quality polymers instead of natural cork. Natural cork is an excellent material, used for hundreds of years, but modern synthetic stoppers have very similar characteristics with added advantages:

– Greater homogeneity and consistency in dimensions.

– Excellent quality control thanks to our automated processes.

– High impermeability to oxygen and liquids which improves the durability of the product.

– Total absence of contaminants such as TCA, which may ruin the aroma and flavour of a wine, for example.

– Lower production costs for a more cost-effective product.

– Possibility of customisation with colour ink printing to complement the brand image.

Due to all of this, our synthetic stems for stoppers are perfect for any bottling industry, especially when seeking the best seal.

Our selection of stems for manufacturing stoppers

What are stems used for?

Stems are used, for example, to manufacture stoppers with a special shape, allowing manual opening without a bottle opener, and a perfect fit in resealing the bottle. They are composed of a head or upper section with a larger diameter and a narrower conical body (stem).

The elegance of their design and proportions have made this stopper a classic for many bottles of renowned brands for decades, such as some of the best whiskies, providing distinction to all types of bottled products.

They are notable for some specific characteristics:

  • – Being produced in both natural cork and in other materials, we offer the synthetic version with the possibility of imitating the finish of cork.
  • – They are inserted in the neck of the bottle with a simple press fitting.
  • – They provide a good seal, impermeable to the liquid inside, prolonging their proper preservation.
  • – They are very easy to remove, pulling gently on the head, without the need to use any type of tool or apply excessive force.
  • – They are suitable for prolonged preservation of all types of liquid products for consumption.
  • – They are ideal for wines, spirits, oils, vinegars, and cosmetic products, among others.


There is no doubt that the stems stopper is one of the most valued and widely used designs due to its perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics, distinction and competitive cost.

  • Agglomerated stem stopper: manufactured with agglomerated natural cork, a classic option.
  • Encapsulated stem stopper: usually covered with another material to improve its seal.
  • Colmated stem stopper: made from natural cork specially treated to achieve greater impermeability.

Stoppers manufactured with linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) represent an exceptional option in the world of packaging due to the unique properties of this material.

LLDPE is known for its resistance and flexibility, which makes it an ideal candidate for manufacturing stoppers that must endure different conditions of use.

The linear molecular structure of low-density polyethylene provides greater impact resistance and tensile strength, which guarantees the durability and integrity of the stopper during its useful life.

Additionally, the lightweight nature of LLDPE contributes to efficiency in the transport and storage of packaged products.

These stoppers not only offer a secure seal for different containers, but are also notable for their contribution to sustainability, being recyclable.

  • Micro-agglomerated stem stopper: this is manufactured with very fine cork particles to achieve greater flexibility.
  • Multilayer stem stopper: combines materials such as cork and plastic.
  • Antimicrobial stem stopper: incorporates additives with bactericidal properties.
  • Printed dowel stopper: with logos, icons or messages through high precision pad printing or screen printing, as we carry out at Excellent Cork.
  • Metallised dowel stopper: with elegant shiny finishes such as gold, silver or copper.
  • Varnished dowel stopper: coloured or vanish finish with a completely natural appearance.

Types of stems for stoppers

Excellent Cork

Within the group of stems for stoppers there are different types based on the material and finish used. At Excellent Cork we opt for the synthetic stems as one of the most versatile and cost-effective solutions among the different varieties existing: 

Samples of stems

If you wish to receive samples of stems, at Excellent Cork we have synthetic stems suitable for a multitude of diameters of bottle necks, made with innovative and 100% recyclable materials. These stems offer an excellent alternative to natural cork for sealing bottles securely and more economically.

They can be customised in different colours, finishes and designs. They are ideal for wines, liqueurs and other products that require a lasting resistant and hermetic stopper that is easy to reuse.

They do not alter the flavour or aroma of the contents, as occurs sometimes with cork, and our industrial production reduces the environmental impact compared with natural cork. We are a company with a net zero carbon footprint.

Don’t hesitate to request your customised samples to find the perfect solution for your product.

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