Oil pourer spout

Oil pourer spouts

100% efficient spouts with a distinctive design for oil bottles. It allows these drinks to be served without any loss of liquid and with an anti-drip system.

What is an oil pourer spout?

AnĀ oil pourer spoutĀ is an essential tool in the packaging sector. This oil dispenser spout is made of high-quality materials, allowing smooth, controlled pouring of olive oil.

Thanks to the exclusive design of Excellent Cork, it avoids drips and spills, optimising the dosing process for your products.

With ourĀ dosing spout for oil bottles, your products are packaged precisely and efficiently, guaranteeing uniform, controlled distribution in each bottle.

Oil dosing spout

perfect for bottling

OurĀ oil dosing spoutĀ guarantees precise, efficient dosing in each bottle.

With advanced and resistant technology, this spout ensures excellent preservation and pouring without dripping or spilling, optimising the production and quality of your products.

You will offer your customers the highest quality in the packaging and quality of your oil.

Our oil pourer spouts

Advantages of oil bottle spout

OurĀ oil dispenser spoutĀ is the perfect way to close your bottles, guaranteeing a perfect seal and also offering you all these benefits:

  • ā€“Ā PrecisionĀ in oil dosage
  • ā€“Ā Prevents leaks and unwanted waste
  • ā€“ PouringĀ without drips or spills
  • ā€“Ā Unrivalled quality and durability

Raise the quality of your products with our pouring spout for oil bottles

Optimise the use of your bottles with our

Dispensing spout

Optimise your products with our adjustable olive oil pouring spout, designed to ensure precise and controlled dosing. This innovative device prevents drips and spills, being adaptable to different types of bottles.

The Excellent Cork oil pourer spout is available in different sizes so that it can be used with different bottle necks.

It also improves efficiency by avoiding oil wastage and ensuring even distribution in each container.

With our oil bottle spout, you can count on the highest quality and durability in every use, ensuring accurate and efficient packaging in your company.

Boost your packaging with our unique and effective solution!


AnĀ oil pourer spout is a deviceĀ that is added to the bottle and is designed to facilitate the controlled, precise pouring of olive oil or other similar liquids. It works through a smooth, drip-free pouring system, allowing you to add oil to your dishes with precision and without wasting a drop.

There are many benefits of a dosing cap for oil bottles and here a just a few:

  • ā€“ Precise and efficient dosing
  • ā€“ Excellent oil conservation
  • ā€“ Pouring without drips or spills
  • ā€“ Maximum quality in packaging
  • ā€“ Optimisation of production

Excellent Cork pouring spouts are compatible with a wide variety of olive oil bottles and other similar liquids, sinceĀ they are manufactured in different sizesĀ so that they can be used with different bottle necks, offering maximum comfort in use.

Yes, they are designed with anti-drip systems that ensure clean and controlled pouring. This means you can pour the oil precisely and without worrying about stains on the bottle or work surface.

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