Cylindrical stoppers

Cylindrical synthetic stoppers

Cylindrical stoppers for bottles manufactured with synthetic materials are the best choice if you are looking for a cost-effective, safe and easy way to seal your bottles of wine, oil, or other liquid products for consumption.

The most traditional format is combined with the latest technology of stoppers manufactured with elastomers, which do not release particles when the bottle is opened with a bottle opener, or contaminate the flavour of the contents with mould or other chemical substances.

Characteristics of cylindrical stoppers

Our cylindrical stoppers are manufactured with the latest special synthetic materials for the food sector, which provide properties such as resistance, elasticity and durability.

Available in different diameters and lengths, they are adapted to the majority of bottle necks on the market. The upper part is usually flat or slightly convex.

We can manufacture them in different colours and finishes, with the possibility of applying a cork effect to them, as well as easily printing logos or text on their surface to adapt them to the branding of your brand.

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Our cylindrical stoppers are perfect for any wine bottle

Advantages and benefits of cylindrical stoppers

Our synthetic cylindrical stoppers provide significant advantages for bottling your products:

  • – Excellent hermetic seal for optimal preservation of the contents.
  • – Easy insertion and extraction from the bottle.
  • – Very resistant to moisture, oils and chemical products.
  • – They do not transfer flavours or odours to the contents.
  • – Customisable with relief or screen printing.

Materials and sizes of the cylindrical stoppers

They are manufactured in elastomers which allow their adaptation to the specific needs of each client. 

The standard sizes are 22 to 22.5mm diameter and 38 to 42mm length. We can customise sizes and create customised series for your product to meet special requirements. 

Most common uses

Cylindrical type stoppers are one of the most widely used in the food industry, especially for bottling of:


Sparkling wines

Where to buy cylindrical stoppers for bottles

At Excellent Cork we are manufacturers of high quality synthetic stoppers for all types of containers and bottles. We have almost two decades of experience in the sector.

We have a wide variety of standard cylindrical stoppers and the possibility of manufacturing them to order based on the needs of the client.

We also offer lines of sustainable BIO stoppers, such as the Terra Series stopper, manufactured with BIO materials derived from sugar cane, as an alternative to hydrocarbons.

We offer comprehensive turnkey solutions, with design, production, quality control and delivery of the final product. All of this with a friendly, quick and professional service.

Don’t hesitate to contact us without obligation to obtain the perfect cylindrical stopper for your product.

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