Stoppers for Mikado

Mikado home fragrance stopper

Stoppers for Mikado type air freshenersĀ are an essential component of these home fragrances. A good stopper must have good technical characteristics, such as perfectly sealing the container to preserve the aroma, but must also be easy to insert or remove and give the product an attractive appearance.

At Excellent Cork we areĀ specialists in the production of stoppers for MikadosĀ and have the Monoblock stopper, available for multiple sizes of bottles in different colours and reliefs.

Stoppers for air freshener bottles

Mikado & home fragrance

Stoppers for air freshener bottlesĀ allow bottles to be sealed when packaging different fragrances and aromas, whether artisanal or industrial, designed to aromatise the rooms of homes or businesses.

OurĀ Monoblock stoppersĀ are perfect for typical glass or plastic bottles in which the air freshener sticks are placed once open. They have aĀ wide headĀ designed to seal the bottle and anĀ interior dowel that is inserted in the neck of the air freshener bottle. In this way, the most optimal and lasting seal is achieved, while reflecting the aesthetic of this type of container.

Our stoppers for air freshener bottles areĀ available in a wide variety of sizes, to adapt to bottles of any capacity, from small 30ml bottles to large bottles of 500ml or more.

TheĀ dowel of the stopperĀ perfectly fits the diameter of the neck of the bottle and is available in dowel diameters of 5, 11, 12, 13 and 24.5mm, some of them interchangeable withĀ different heights and widths of heads, all available in the technical datasheet of the Monoblock stopper.

They are stoppers manufactured withĀ 100% recyclable, resistant, BPA-free materials, fully suitable for prolonged contact withĀ fragrances and essential oils. They do not alter the aromas of the air freshener.

Our models of

stoppers for air freshener bottles

In addition to those for bottles, stoppers designed for Mikado air fresheners also serve for any type ofĀ bottle, regardless of whether the neck is narrower and longer. Our product is perfectly prepared forĀ hermetically sealing bottles, without the risk of spillage.

They are perfect forĀ glass or plastic containers of different sizesĀ which contain liquid air fresheners for inserting wooden sticks once the stopper has been removed. The seal will be suitable forĀ preserving the product without alterationsĀ from leaving the factory to arriving at the consumerā€™s home.

Our custom synthetic stoppers for bottles of air freshenersĀ prevent any loss of fragranceĀ of the liquid contained. Additionally, they prevent evaporation or contamination with external odours, as the synthetic material isĀ completely insulating and non-porous, unlike natural cork.

ItsĀ appearance, imitating the colour and texture of cork, may be suitable for brands that prefer to apply aĀ more artisanal aesthetic to their bottles, being an alternative to metallic screw caps.

We canĀ manufacture them in the colour and texture desired, with customised printing. As with bottles,Ā the stoppers are available in multiple sizes, to adapt to any bottle or container intended for packaging liquid air freshener.

Variety of stoppers

for Aromatherapy

Our stoppers for Mikado air freshener bottles also serve forĀ bottles of aromatherapy essential oils. They allow the optimal closure and sealing of bottles of natural oils.

There areĀ very volatile natural oilsĀ which may easily evaporate. Our solution for sealing these products is perfect forĀ guaranteeing the permanence of the aromasĀ that the essences inside contain.

They protect the properties and composition of the oils and manage to extend their lifespan until reaching the client. Additionally, they prevent external contamination or loss of their therapeutic properties.

Manufactured withĀ safe and recyclable synthetic materials, they are suitable for prolonged contact with essential oils. They do not release harmful substances or alter the quality of the oil.

Suppliers of stoppers for cosmetics

Different sizes of stoppers for Mikados

At Excellent Cork we are suppliers of a wide variety of sizes of stoppers for Mikados and air freshener bottles for the cosmetics sector. Our manufacturing processes guarantee the best finish.

Supplier of stoppers for cosmetics

We have many years of experience as suppliers of stoppers for cosmetics and perfumery. We guarantee the maximum quality in our products.

Possibility of personalising stoppers

We offer the possibility of customising stoppers with the brand logo or image desired through printing. Consult our catalogue and technical datasheet for the wide variety of sizes, colours and textures available. Donā€™t hesitate to ask for our expert advice.

Production capacity with short timeframes

We have a great production capacity for our Mikado and home fragrance stoppers, which we can provide in short timeframes. We manufacture any size or specific model required to order.

Leaders in manufacture of home fragrance stoppers in Spain

Our productsĀ are compliant with European regulationsĀ and are certified for contact with cosmetic products.

We guarantee the maximum quality and safety in our products. Donā€™t hesitate to requestĀ samples or a personalised quoteĀ without obligation. We will advise you so that you find the perfect stopper for your fragrances.

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