Bio Stoppers

Biodegradable stoppers for bottles

In a world in which we are increasingly aware of the environmental impact that we generate, the selection of sustainable materials has become a necessity, especially in the industrial sector.

Bottling companies for wines, liqueurs and other products demand solutions that offer a balance between functionality, aesthetics and sustainability. At Excellent Cork we offer an alternative to other materials which is not only practical and high quality, but also environmentally friendly: our BIO stoppers.

BIO stoppers for bottles

The BIO stoppers that we manufacture at Excellent Cork are the ecological option for those who wish to use sustainable materials in their packaging. To manufacture them, we use 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials, such as sugar cane.

At Excellent Cork we have spent years developing and implementing actions and processes that allow us to manufacture ecological products in a sustainable way.

Our line of BIO Terra stoppers is the result of combining innovation, technology and respect for the environment.

Biodegradable stoppers to achieve the objective of net zero CO2 emissions

Characteristics of the BIO stoppers

In our commitment to sustainability, we have managed to create a product with excellent characteristics:

  • – Manufactured with raw materials of plant origin.
  • – Manufacturing process with net zero carbon footprint.
  • – They offer an excellent hermetic seal in bottling.
  • – They are neutral and hygienic.
  • – They are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.
  • – Customisable.

Advantages and benefits

Our BIO stoppers combine a series of advantages and benefits that make them a high quality product:

  • – They are environmentally friendly, coming from renewable sources and being able to naturally decompose.
  • – They help to fight against climate change, not generating CO2 emissions during their production.
  • – They maintain the contents in perfect organoleptic conditions, without them losing their properties.
  • – They do not interact or add extraneous flavours or odours to the drink, maintaining its original essence.
  • – They are sustainable, and can be recycled several times to be transformed into new products, reducing waste.
  • – They can be manufactured in multiple colours and logos and text can be printed on them easily.

Materials and sizes of the BIO stoppers

We manufacture our BIO stoppers with different plant raw materials that we transform into bioplastics by polymerisation. In this way, we obtain a material with similar properties to a plastic, which can be injected into moulds for shaping, and which is fully recyclable and biodegradable.

Thanks to their versatility, we can manufacture large quantities quickly and with customisation.

Most common uses

Our clients use the BIO line from Excellent Cork mainly for:

Young white or red wines

Liqueurs and other spirits

Extra virgin olive oil or vinegar

Perfumery products

Thanks to the neutrality and hygiene of our biodegradable stoppers, all qualities and properties of these products are perfectly preserved

Where to buy BIO stoppers

At Excellent Cork we are the company of reference in Spain in the manufacture of BIO stoppers.

We are specialised in the design, production and delivery of environmentally friendly synthetic stoppers and we have a large portfolio of satisfied clients.

We carry out the whole process: from creation of the mould, manufacture, to “turnkey” delivery of the final product.

Contact us to request information or samples if you are looking for a sustainable alternative for your products.

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