DUO-42 Terra

With its exclusive design, the DUO stopper has shown its unmatched functionality for achieving EXCELLENT RESEALING, and thanks to its high density, offers a VERY SECURE SEAL for preservation of the wine.

The high level of satisfaction of clients who already use the DUO stopper, as well as new clients who use it for their wines each day, is its greatest GUARANTEE.
The DUO TERRA stopper is the combination of proven efficacy in terms of functionality and secureness in the seal and the use of materials and production systems which are more environmentally friendly.

End Diameter
Overall Length
Recapping after bottling
Head Diameter
extraction force
Body Diameter
Oxygen transmission rate
Extreme Length

19,3 mm ± 0,1 mm
42,3 mm ± 0,3 mm
35,1 mm ± 0,3 mm
De 15 a 40 kg
22,3 mm ± 0,2 mm
0,026 cm³ (envase/día)
7 mm ± 0,1 mm
0,455 g/cm³ ± 3,5% 
7,2 g ± 0,3 g