Our commitment:
the environment

We contribute to reforestation of degraded areas to offset our carbon footprint.

Committed to the Environment.

Our concern for the environment leads us to commit to striving to reduce the carbon footprint caused by our production processes.
We have managed to internally recycle all our leftovers, achieving zero waste. At the same time, we use 100% recyclable materials, it being possible to put our stoppers into bins for packaging.

The firm commitment of Excellent Cork to promoting more environmentally friendly and sustainable consumption and production has led us to develop the TERRA line of stoppers, produced with BIO materials from renewable sources, and together with the expansion and modernisation of our production lines, we are dedicating our efforts to undertaking actions which allow more stoppers to be produced with less energy, minimising the environmental impact of manufacturing our products.

Additionally, we are calculating our carbon footprint, registering it with the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, with the firm commitment to reduce it year after year, and offset it 100% with environmental projects recognised by the Ministry, which has granted us the seal accrediting this.

We manufacture synthetic closures for different markets such as wines, spirits and mikados, with an always innovative vocation. We work together with our clients to find the best solutions to their demands and needs. Our goal is to offer the market high quality products, with good service and at a competitive price. As it cannot be otherwise, we are fully committed to the environment, and today we have managed to make our company sustainable, offsetting our carbon footprint 100%, that is, with 0 carbon dioxide emissions

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Responsible production
and consumption

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Commitment to the environment

Responsible innovation

At Excellent Cork we have offered customised solutions for over 15 years. The quality of our products and finishes are our hallmarks, and our commitment to the satisfaction of our clients helps us improve each day.

We promote responsible production and consumption, implementing continuous improvements in our processes, guaranteeing 100% recyclable products, maximising the reduction of our carbon footprint and prolonging the lifespan of our products, facilitating their reuse and ensuring perfect preservation of the wine.


We fulfil the demands of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.