Terra (BIO)


In recent years, Excellent Cork carried out an exhaustive search of raw materials from renewable sources, called BIO materials, and carried out all mechanical tests necessary to offer our clients high quality seals like they had used until now. Excellent Cork has therefore certified the materials in compliance with current food security legislation, and is launching a series of BIO stoppers on the market, expanding its portfolio of stoppers to satisfy the demand of its clients for this range of products.

The firm commitment of Excellent Cork to promoting more environmentally friendly and sustainable consumption and production has led us to develop the TERRA line of stoppers, produced with BIO materials from sugar cane. This, along with the use of 100% recyclable materials, allows us to advance toward our target of zero CO2 emissions in the near future.

With regard to the production process, the company dedicates its efforts to undertaking actions which minimise the environmental impact of manufacturing its products. The following are notable among these actions:

 1. The warehouse where Excellent Cork is located has a photovoltaic plant on its roof which allows it to generate electricity for its production process, promoting energy self-supply and committing to renewable energy to comply with its energy saving and efficiency plan.

 2. The drying system in the printing of stoppers has been changed from conventional UV lamps to LED lamps, achieving a 90% reduction of electricity consumption.

 3. Replacement of general lighting with LED lamps.

4. Cardboard waste generated is donated to a local association for people with disabilities, which helps them to generate resources to carry out employment workshops which promote the labour insertion of its users.

The carbon footprint has been registered with the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, with the objective of planning different actions and investments and making the annual balance of atmospheric CO2 emissions of our organisation zero or even negative.