S-38 Terra

Its high density, the great homogeneity achieved with our single cavity injection system, the use of materials which do not transfer odours or flavours to the wine, and its great price-quality ratio make S-38 a RELIABLE AND COMPETITIVE stopper with full GUARANTEES for the preservation of quick turnover wines for both the national market and for export.

The S-38 TERRA stopper is the combination of PERFORMANCE AND SECURENESS IN THE SEAL, with the use of materials and production systems which are more environmentally friendly.

Oxygen transmission rate
extraction force
Recapping after bottling
0,026 cm³(envase/día)
0,457 g/cm³ ± 3,5%
De 15 a 40 kg
6,6 g ± 0,3 g
6 meses
22 mm ± 0,3mm
38,1 mm ± 0,3 mm