Resealing stopper for bottles

Stoppers for resealing

If you need a solution for resealing your bottles, at Excellent Cork we offer you an innovative option with the best guarantees of preservation for your product.

You will be able to replace the original cork that threatens the quality, flavour and aroma of the wine, with a new one that guarantees its perfect sealing, without risk of deterioration or contamination.

Characteristics of the resealing stopper

Our resealing stoppers are manufactured with high density elastomers of the best quality, which provide a hermitic seal. Some of their main characteristics are:

Hermetic seal and excellent resealing preventing the passage of oxygen, with a perfect aesthetic finish that does not transfer odours or flavours to the content.

The stoppers are easy to remove and do not release particles inside the bottle or risk accidental breakage during removal.

They are available in the most common standardised diameter, which fits the neck of the bottle: the end diameter is 19.4mm ± 0.3mm and the body diameter is 22.3mm ± 0.3mm. The total length is 42.4mm ± 0.3mm, which allows adaptation to different bottle depths.

Our resealing stoppers guarantee excellent sealing of the wine

Advantages and benefits of the resealing stopper

The resealing stoppers offer multiple benefits:

  • – The prolong the lifespan of the wine, hermetically resealing the bottle, guaranteeing the best sealing.
  • – They protect against oxidation, maintaining the original flavour and aroma.
  • – The facilitate storage without risks of spillage.
  • – They improve presentation with an impeccable finish.
  • – Additionally, their centre hole for the bottle opener facilitates its easy, convenient and intuitive insertion.


The resealing stoppers are hermetic and perfectly preserve the quality of the wine. Ideal for sparkling and rosé wines


They are the favourite in hospitality, because in addition to allowing easy opening, they allow easy and safe resealing


Their wide range of colours and customised printing with two inks will allow you to position your brand above the competition

Materials and sizes of the resealing stoppers

Our resealing stoppers are manufactured with synthetic materials that we have developed over several years.

The high density elastomers with which we manufacture our stoppers guarantee a perfect and lasting sealing, an achievement which is the result of years of experience and innovation.

Where to buy resealing stoppers wholesale

At Excellent Cork, we are leading manufacturers in Spain of high quality synthetic resealing stoppers. We have several lines of stoppers that you can purchase wholesale for recorking or resealing your wine bottles at the best price.

We offer you fast production and delivery, for a product that can be fully customised to meet your needs. Contact us and we will advise you, offering you the solution best suited to your needs.

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