Stoppers for spirits

Spirits: stoppers and corks

Preserving the aroma and flavour of spirits is easier thanks to the Excellent Cork stoppers specially designed for this; and one of the pillars of our company is designing and manufacturing customised products adapted to the need of each client.

Liqueurs and spirits have specific characteristics that require products adapted to them to guarantee that the contents of bottles are preserved in optimal conditions for as long as possible. Thanks to the stoppers for spirits that we manufacture, we achieve the perfect sealing of bottles and the perfect preservation of liqueurs.

Stoppers for spirits

Producing a quality drink is not an easy task, and preserving all of its aroma and flavour is a requirement that can sometimes be complicated. At Excellent Cork, we work each day to help our clients in this process, manufacturing top quality customised products.

From an ecological and sustainability perspective, we manufacture 100% recyclable stoppers for spirits, with different materials and designs, as well as offering our clients the possibility of customised design of stoppers for spirits with the colours and brands of their companies, to make them even more special.

tapones para destilados y licores

Models of stoppers for spirits and liqueurs

Stoppers for white spirits

When we talk about premium spirits, whisky is always one of the first that comes to mind. A drink of the highest quality deserves a container consistent with its contents. Our stoppers allow this spirit to be preserved in perfect condition for longer, guaranteeing both its aroma and its flavour.

Synthetic stoppers allow an excellent combination with white spirits such as vodka, gin, tequila or pisco, as the high alcohol content of spirits attacks cork dowels, releasing particles and transferring colour to the drink. With synthetic dowels, this problem is completely eliminated.

We seek excellence, working each day to outdo ourselves and maintain the excellent results that have led us to be a reference in the sector.

Only in this way can the indisputable figures of over 100 million stoppers produced per year and over 1,200 clients around the world be achieved.

T-Monoblock: 100% recyclable
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Certified low carbon footprint
Development of projects from scratch
pruebas en el laboratorio de estanqueidad y temperatura
Tests of sealing and temperature
Prototype moulds and samples

Stoppers for

At present, we have two exclusive and specific references for liqueur bottles, which are our T-Aluminium and T-Monoblock models.

The first of these, our T-Aluminium model, is manufactured with a synthetic dowel attached to an aluminium head. The synthetic material is more effective than cork, as it prevents cork particles from appearing in the liqueur, as well as colour alteration.

Our T-Monoblock stopper is one of the most used in the sector of stoppers for liqueur bottles, and its use continues to grow due to the quality and versatility it offers. It is much more effective than traditional stoppers for spirits produced with agglomerated cork when guaranteeing the preservation of high alcohol content spirits, which are is usually more aggressive with these products.

Another of the advantages of our T-Monoblock stopper is that, as with the T-Aluminium model, it can be personalised with different colours to adapt to the needs of each brand.

Leaders in the manufacture of

Stoppers for liqueur bottles

There are a wide variety of types of liqueur bottles, depending on various factors, such as the brand, sizes, mouth diameter, contents and alcohol content. When we talk about quality, we are not only referring to the type of liqueur, but also to the container and the way of preserving it so that it reaches the consumer’s table intact, regardless of the time that has passed since packaging.

To fulfil the level of requirements of the product, there is nothing better than having the professionalism and experience of Excellent Cork. We are leaders in the manufacture of stoppers for spirits and liqueurs, with years of experience in the sector. Always with the hallmark of innovation, we constantly research and improve our stoppers for liqueur bottles.

One of our strengths is our commitment to sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact of all our business services. We work each day to minimise the emissions of our installations when manufacturing stoppers for liqueur bottles and work with materials that allow us to achieve excellence.

We have a large range of stoppers for spirits which guarantee preservation of their aroma, freshness and flavour, with over 500 products today. We also offer our clients our mould design service to fully adapt to the specific needs of each brand.

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