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you the best RESULTS

Excellent Cork has a continuous investment plan for both machinery and installations, which allows it to have a pool of renewed, latest generation machinery with increasing production capacity. Likewise, its installations have been renovated and expanded to comply with the strictest quality and food safety standards for which it is certified, and current legislation.

Another point to highlight is the know-how in the manufacturing of moulds and plastic injection, knowledge acquired and applied each day in its processes, which has allowed Excellent Cork to position itself as the main Spanish manufacturer of synthetic stoppers for wine, spirits and mikado air fresheners.

Customised projects from design of the mould to manufacture of the stopper.

We are a 360º company. With our 360º PROCESS you will not waste time on management or have to worry about issues which may arise during the process.

Our process is designed to:

  • > Speed up delivery times.
    > Reduce or eliminate problems during the process.
    > Make your projects profitable.
    > Advise and guide the client during the transformation process.


We have the most precise machinery to ensure the homogeneity of stoppers, both in the preparation of mixtures and their injection. Our average weight variation is below 0.1g, which guarantees extraordinary homogeneity of our stoppers. We currently have a production capacity of 700,000 stoppers per day.


Since we began, printing has been one of our strengths due to extensive experience acquired over years decorating plastics through painting, metallisation, pad printing, screen printing, etc. Thanks to this we have achieved excellent printing quality, both in its definition and in the adhesion and durability of the ink. We can state that our printing is the most durable on the market. Our printing is the most resistant on the market.

Our extensive knowledge of plastic materials over generations

Experience and know-how in product design and manufacturing