Cork effect stoppers

Our cork effect stoppers are an innovative and functional alternative to traditional cork stoppers in the wine industry and for other drinks.

Cork effect stoppers for bottles

These stoppers offer the advantages of synthetic stoppers with regard to quality, durability and sustainability, as well as maintaining a traditional aesthetic which is difficult to distinguish from natural cork at a glance.

Cork type stopper models

Natural cork stoppers for bottles have been used for centuries thanks to their insulation properties, resistance and sealing capacity. However, in recent years, synthetic alternatives have emerged which have brought new products to the market.

Synthetic “cork” stoppers, made with elastomers, offer advantages such as lower costs, greater consistency in size and shape, and reliable sealing.

The synthetic cork effect stopper manufactured from high quality elastomers and other materials imitates the properties of natural cork. This type of stopper is especially popular in the wine industry, as it offers excellent preservation of the flavour and aroma of the product. Additionally, synthetic stoppers are resistant to mould and other contaminants, not breaking or crumbling over time.

Manufacturers of cork


stoppers in Spain

Excellent Cork is the leading company in the manufacture of synthetic cork effect stoppers in Spain. We customise them upon request for each client, thereby achieving a premium result in the bottling of wines and other spirits.

Synthetic cork effect stoppers: an innovative material

The synthetic cork effect stopper is an innovative alternative to natural cork, as it offers great quality and performance.

Our stoppers are manufactured with high quality polymers which provide excellent preservation of bottled drinks such as wine or liqueurs. Additionally, the synthetic cork effect can be customised with printing, with sizes of 38 and 42mm, imitating the appearance of natural cork.

tapón efecto corcho 02

Types of synthetic corks

We manufacture various types of high quality synthetic cork effect stoppers to satisfy the requirements of different types of bottling.

tapon corcho cilíndrico

Cylindrical cork stoppers

Cylindrical cork stoppers are a classic option, due to their ease of insertion and removal, as well as their capacity for providing good protection of the inside of the bottle.
These are ideal for bottles of wine and other drinks that require a hermetic seal.

Cork effect dowels

Our cork effect dowels manufactured with synthetic material are designed for the manufacture, for example, of T-Shape stoppers. These stoppers are characterised by having a head larger than their body, which facilitates their handling and allows a better grip during the process of insertion and removal.

tapones de corcho para vino

Synthetic cork effect stoppers

The synthetic cork effect has positioned itself as an excellent option for bottling young wines, thanks to its great value for money, durability and properties, which help to preserve the flavour of the wine. Additionally, they are customisable and can have the same appearance as natural cork.


While natural cork stoppers are manufactured from the bark of the cork oak, synthetic cork stoppers are made from high quality polymers and other synthetic materials.

At Excellent Cork we guarantee the lifespan of our synthetic cork stoppers to be around 4 years, in perfect condition, provided that the product preservation recommendations are followed.

Some producers prefer natural cork due to its sustainability and unique properties, while other opt for the natural cork effect synthetic stopper due to its greater consistency and durability. Generally, natural cork is preferred for aged wines and synthetic cork for young wines, sparkling wines and liqueurs.

Synthetic stoppers that imitate cork surpass natural cork in some characteristics, such as greater resistance to mould and greater durability. Unlike agglomerated and micro-agglomerated stoppers manufactured with cork and plastic materials, synthetic stoppers that imitate cork are manufactured with innocuous materials, do not contain TCA, and minimise the likelihood of breakage compared with cork stoppers. However, some high range wine producers still prefer natural cork.

The calibre of the cork appearance stopper will depend on the size required by the bottlers.

To determine the dimensions of stoppers, there is a UNE regulation that establishes the diameters. The most common diameters for wine bottles are 24 and 26mm. Cork type synthetic stoppers may have lengths of 38 or 42mm depending on the size of the bottle. At Excellent Cork we manufacture synthetic cork effect stoppers with diameters of 22mm and 22.5mm.

In any case, the stoppers must have a sufficient size to guarantee a proper seal without breaking when removed.

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