T-Shape Stoppers

Bartop Stoppers

T-Shape stoppers, also known as Bartop stoppers, are an alternative to other formats which offer the advantage of more convenient opening and resealing, without the need for a bottle opener.

At Excellent Cork, we offer this practical type of synthetic T-Shape stopper with multiple options for customisation. We manufacture them using the latest technologies, guaranteeing a high quality finish that distinguishes us from the competition.

Bartop stoppers for bottles

Our innovative spirit and our experience as manufacturers are the greatest guarantee for choosing us as your supplier of T-Shape stoppers for all types of bottles of wine, spirits and other products, such as top range air fresheners.

We can adapt to your branding, and offer you a final product in line with the design of your brand. Additionally, your product will not be contaminated by particles of deteriorated cork and will be preserved in perfect condition.

Characteristics of bartop stoppers

Our stoppers are the best value for money option to complete the bottling of your product. They have been designed to combine the best technical characteristics, which result in great advantages for your brand.

Bartop stoppers: a seal that maintains the quality of liqueurs, oils and home fragrance products

Advantages and benefits of T-Shape / Bartop stoppers

The synthetic bartop stoppers that we manufacture at Excellent Cork offer several advantages in comparison with traditional cork dowel stoppers:

  • – Better hermetic seal, preventing the contents of the bottle from evaporating or oxygenating.
  • – Greater ease in opening and sealing the bottles.
  • – They allow clean extraction of the stopper, without fragmentation.
  • – They are more hygienic, as they do not transfer flavours or odours to the drink.
  • – They have a modern, eye-catching aesthetic.

Materials and sizes of the bartop stoppers

We have two lines of Bartop stoppers, adapted to different needs. We manufacture them in standard sizes and can adapt them to your bottle in case you need a special size.

T-Aluminium Bartop stoppers

The T-Aluminium T-Shape stoppers from Excellent Cork are manufactured with a synthetic dowel bonded to an aluminium head through a mechanical assembly process.

The heads may be of different sizes and colours, and can be customised through relief or printing. They offer an excellent hermetic seal.

T-Monoblock Bartop stoppers

The T-Monoblock T-Shape stopper is a single piece and material, preventing the problem of alcohols attacking the glues in stoppers with cork dowels. They can be customised with colours and reliefs. They are ideal for liqueurs and spirits.

Most common uses

Bartop / T-Shape type stoppers are some of the most widely used in the food industry, especially for bottling:

Premium Oils of the highest quality

Alcoholic drinks and sprits: gins, vodkas, liqueurs. They prevent discolouration and contamination, in addition to resisting the degradation caused by alcohol.

Aromatherapy products: essential oils, air fresheners. They guarantee a perfect seal without loss of aromas.

Our T-Shape / Bartop stoppers combine a hermetic seal and practicality, and offer a modern, customisable aesthetic.

They are the best option if you are seeking a high quality bottle seal that will differentiate you from the competition.

Where to buy bartop stoppers wholesale

At Excellent Cork, we are the leading manufacturer of high quality bartop / T-Shape stoppers in Spain. We have several lines of stoppers that you can purchase wholesale, whatever your product, always with the highest quality and customisation.

We offer you rapid production and delivery. Contact us and we will advise you, offering you the solution best suited to your needs.

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