DUO 42

The exclusive DUO stopper developed and patented by Excellent Cork S.L. is the result of the collaboration work carried out with our clients in pursuit of improvements and solutions to problems of end consumers in both the hospitality sector and for individuals. Its simple and revolutionary double diameter design allows EXCELLENT AND EASY RESEALING, while its high density design guarantees a very SECURE SEAL.

These characteristics are highly valued by end consumers, as resealing has been and remains to be a chronic problem for both cork and synthetic cylindrical stoppers. Additionally, its high density leads to low oxygen transfer, which guarantees proper preservation of the wine.

End Diameter
Total Length
Resealing after bottling
Head Diameter
Extraction force
Body Diameter
Oxygen transmission rate
End Length

19,3 mm ± 0,1 mm
42,3 mm ± 0,3 mm
35,1 mm ± 0,3 mm
De 15 a 35 kg
22,3 mm ± 0,2 mm
0,026 cm³ (envase/día)
7 mm ± 0,1 mm
0,455 g/cm³ ± 3,5% 
7,1 g ± 0,2 g