Monoblock & Aluminum pouring cap

Oil and spirits pouring cap

Precise and efficient dosing in every bottle: Our dispensing cap ensures precise and efficient dosing for both oil and spirits, ensuring your customers receive the exact amount they need.

Advanced and resistant technology: Made with high quality materials and cutting-edge technology, our dosing cap is resistant to wear and tear and ensures excellent conservation of both oil and spirits.

Drip-free, spill-free pouring: Forget about spills and stains. Our dispensing cap is designed to pour both oil and spirits cleanly and precisely, without drips or spills.

Offer maximum quality to your customers: With our measuring cap, your customers will enjoy maximum quality both in the packaging and in the conservation of oil and spirits.


  • Precise and efficient dosing
  • Excellent product preservation
  • Pour without drips or spills
  • Maximum quality in packaging