The exclusive C2C stopper developed and patented by Excellent Cork S.L. is the result of the research work carried out together with our clients, in pursuit of being able to combine the best characteristics of different stoppers in one. Thanks to its conical shape, it allows easy opening and convenient resealing from 15 days after bottling. Thanks to its high density, it also offers a low passage of oxygen, which guarantees the preservation of the wine for 48 months after bottling. The C2C is a secure and convenient stopper, which makes us feel proud of the work we have carried out each day, due to the satisfaction of our clients.

Oxygen transmission rate
Resealing. Months after bottling

0.031cm³ (container/day)
21.5-22-21.5mm ± 0.2mm
42.3mm ± 0.3mm
15 days
0.450g/cm³ ± 3.5%
From 15 to 35kg.
7.1g ± 0.2g